march-08 l.minygwal confirmed live gig 14.06.08 @ lokal/berlin lokal-berlin
feburary-08 finally finished the new cd "qyue",
6 tracks incl. a coverversion ...

available as download version in april 08
via modest imperial
october-07 andrea now also on myspace also some songs & infos andraya@myspace
october-07 new recordings will be avaiable thru' in december 07
next live gig confirmed 24.11.07 @ tacheles/berlin  
january-07 radio appearance by andrea @ radio okerwelle postponed to feb 13th, tuesday 13.02.06 andrea @ radio okerwelle  
january-07 live gigs in hildesheim & berlin
for feb. 07 are cancelled
sorry !! cancelled:
13.02.07 - thav / hildesheim
15.02.07 - kato / berlin
december-06 andrea visits radio flora, hannover 08.02.07 - andrea @ radio flora radio flora
november-06 andrea visits radio okerwelle, braunschweig 06.02.07 - andrea @ radio okerwelle radio okerwelle
november-06 modest imperial presents 2 live gigs of l.minygwal
13.02.07 - thav / hildesheim
15.02.07 - kato / berlin,+ avery(berlin)
kato, berlin
september-06 modest imperial has put our stuff
in their "treasure chest" special
for the whole months of september
special prices !!
august-06 we started to work on new material holidays are gone !?
wait and listen !!!!!
july-06 nothing to tell !!    
june-06 all our stuff can be ordered &
listen to at modest imperial/berlin
may-06 we are on holidays and will be for the rest of the year !  
april-06 sorry we cancelled the gig at